Here you can find a variety of projects where I worked on. In each project I had different and multiple duties.

Videoclip: Nicole Bus – Saoto Soep ft. Brad (I did the focus pulling)

A short movie: BLACK PAWN (I did the camera)

A 20 minute long documentary about Bruno, better known as ‘Directeureke’, a remarkable inhabitant of Kampenhout, the chicory region of Flemish-Brabant. Since things took an unexpected turn in the family business ‘Vitus’ where he worked, he has been living his life in a different way. (I did the camera, research and editing)

A short movie from the 48Hour film project Rotterdam. (I was the camera assistent)

The documentary I made next to my photography project in Nepal.

A videoclip made for a school project. (I did the camera)

Short movie from a student from Narafi.

Short movie from foundation Cavac: Uit den ouden doos (I did the camera)

Short movie from foundation Cavak: Moira

Documentary about 35mm film and the disappearing profession ‘analog filmoperator’.

Reclame video’s

‘Grand Café Augustinus’